Matchbox 20 featuring Rob Thomas



At the moment Rob Thomas had the #1 song in the U.S.A., Smooth, his Grammy-winning effort with Carlos Santana, Mark Copeland was invited to entertain at his wedding to Marisol.

Rob's twenty-something friends looked sharp that evening, under a palatial tent in the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley. The boys wore mop-top haircuts, long sideburns, and cowboy boots.  Beautiful women in the room included Bo Derek...

Mark's first set produced no more than a smattering of applause, as most guests were socializing, not concentrating on the wedding singer... 

...but guests came to the dance floor during Mark's 2nd set, and Mark was in his element, crooning love songs and swinging the band with a finger-snapping spontaneity.  People loosened up, and then really began to enjoy themselves. 

Mark's third set was greeted with wonderful applause, and as Mark and the band cleared the stage around midnight for Santana, the wedding party graciously asked Mark and the band to stay and enjoy the party.  And they did. 

Throughout the evening, Mark performed many favorites from "The Bakery Session", including a particularly smoldering version of "Lady is a Tramp".  The affair was produced by Keith Edwards, with an unmatched level of effort and expense lavished on Mark and the band.   The top-notch stagecraft, sound, and lighting was greatly appreciated by Mark and the musicians.  

Mark in Concert
Photo by Yitzhak Dalal
Mark Performs for Rob, Marisol, and their guests.


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