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Old Balls!

Above, in Cape Town , South Africa, the "OU BALLE" 10 -Pin Bowling team, wearing

their "Mark Copeland at Caesars Palace" T-Shirts (customized with their own special
"Ou Balle" logo on the left side - see picture below).
                    Johann Louw writes, "that's Marius on the left, Alfred in front, Rob at the
back, and myself on the right-hand side.  Our latest scores are:-
Marius "The Champ" 184, Johann 173, Alfred 168, Rob 153"

Ou Balle

For more on the Caesar's gig, plus
photos, interviews, and Mark's best MP3's - Always Free

Mark Copeland performed for who?!
This shot of Mark in concert was taken by renown photographer, Yitzhak Dalal.
For more about where the photo was shot, and the occasion, visit


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Many of the best-
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Iron-on Transfer #2

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